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Terms and conditions of access

1.1. All materials posted on the site are provided for personal and non-commercial use.

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User Content

2.1. We call user content any information, text, or message that a user voluntarily places on the site.

2.2. The user is fully responsible for all information posted on the platform and confirms that the owner company is not responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of the information provided by the user, the admissibility of its publication, or safety. In the event of legal violations related to the placement of user content, the visitor who posted it undertakes to compensate for the damage.

Third-party content

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Denial of responsibility

The company that owns the site, its partners, and advertisers do not guarantee that the website will meet your requirements.


4.1. The owner company is not responsible for losses that the user may incur in connection with the use of site materials posted by the owner company or its advertising partners. Access to the site and its use, including following links, and placing bets on resources accessible through links, is the conscious choice of each user, and only the user is responsible for possible risks.

4.2. The published conditions are valid while the visitor uses the platform. The owner company has the right to terminate the right to use the site at any time at its own discretion without giving a reason.


5.1. The owner company respects intellectual property and removes any material that violates copyright law.

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6.2. The company has the right to transfer the received data to third parties or partner companies to develop the interface, and services and improve the user experience or personalization.

Prohibited actions

Each visitor of the site undertakes to follow the Terms and Conditions published on the site and independently monitor their possible revisions, updates, and additions.

The site user does not have the right:

7.1. Post offensive, defamatory content.

7.2. Publish information about other users of the Site that may violate the privacy of these users.

7.3. Upload to the site any files that may contain viruses and potentially unsafe programs.

7.4. Use third-party programs to disrupt the Site or attempt unauthorized access to prohibited pages.

7.5. Provide false information about yourself or use the information of third parties while using the site services.

Committing prohibited actions leads to account blocking and a ban on using the site’s services for an indefinite period.

If one or more paragraphs of the published Terms and Conditions are not clear to users or require clarification, the visitor can contact the support team with a request. Active email – [email protected].