Privacy Policy

The site seeks to protect the personal data of users as much as possible. For this, a Privacy Policy has been developed. It postulates and regulates all questions that may arise from the customers of the site regarding the security of their personal data.

The site collects and manages the personal data of visitors in accordance with the laws in force in the jurisdiction. Data is collected and processed for marketing and fraud protection purposes.

Basic Principles of the Privacy Policy

Each user of the site can be sure that the data we collect is protected by this agreement. To better understand why we collect information about you and in what cases we have the right to use it, this paragraph has been developed.

1.1. What data do we collect and process

We use cookies to collect information about user behavior. You can read more about the Cookie Policy in the document of the same name published on our website. You have the right to prevent the site from using cookies. In this case, the company is not responsible for the possible consequences.

In addition, all content created by the user is stored on the site. These can be your comments, reviews about our reviews or specific brands, or messages sent to the administration.

1.2. Who receives and stores user data

The main responsibility for the collection, storage, protection, and use of your personal data lies with the company that owns the site In some cases, access to information may be provided to our partner companies in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

1.2.1. We share your data with the following companies:

In the event of a sale or restructuring of the owner company, the personal data of users will be transferred to the new owner or manager.

Users’ personal data may be provided in accordance with regulations at the request of law enforcement agencies.

1.3. Why does a company need users’ personal data?

1.4. How long does the company that owns the site retain personal data

The data is stored as long as it can be used for analytics, website correction, and interaction with a user or a group of users.

The collection and processing of your personal data will be available to the administration only if you agree to the Privacy Policy. You will receive a request for consent during registration on the site.

Direct Marketing

The site owner has the right to collect and process the personal information of visitors in order to use it in promotional mailings (information about casinos and betting companies, promotions, and bonuses personalized to your interests).

Users of the site can receive promotional products by e-mail, in SMS mailing lists, and in other ways. The method of receiving the mailing is chosen by the user.

In the event that you are not interested in the newsletter and would like to opt out of direct marketing, you can do so by unsubscribing. You can unsubscribe in your personal account or in any letter that you receive from us. In the body of the email, you will find a button that prompts you to unsubscribe.

User rights in accordance with the Privacy Policy

Users of our site can contact our support team with a request to learn more about what data we collect, what methods we use, and how we process data. Thus, regarding the privacy policy, you may ask:

The site user has the right to request the administration to change/delete the received personal data in the following cases:

The user can send a complaint about the ongoing collection, analysis, and storage of information to the regulatory authorities. We ask that you contact us in advance. We will do our best to eliminate your negative experience.

The Privacy Policy does not apply to sites that place links or banner ads on our platform. Each brand implements and maintains its own data protection and processing policy, and the website is not responsible for it.

We care about the safety of persons under the age of majority and do not collect information about them. We encourage parents to closely monitor their children’s online behavior and to control the data that children and teenagers may provide on our and other websites. If you think that your child has provided personal information to the site, please notify us, and we will delete all data.

By creating an account and using the services of our site, you agree to provide personal data and follow the Privacy Policy.