Cookie Policy

A comfortable user experience is of utmost importance to To improve it and collect useful information about the behavior of our website visitors, we use cookies. We openly notify you about this so that you know that our site is as transparent as possible for users.

What are cookies

Cookies are small software files that record some of your behavior on a website page or application. For example, you do not have to log in to every page of our site because the cookie remembers the authorization data and automatically downloads it every time you go to a new page.

Cookies are secure and cannot track your activities outside of our site or affect the performance of your computer or other devices. They are not stored directly on your device and are only valid on a specific platform. Each site uses its own cookies.

How cookies work

The purpose of using cookies is to improve the interaction between the site and the visitor. To do this, our website uses persistent and session cookies.

Persistent – are saved in your browser’s memory (we remind you that they do not work outside the browser and do not affect the operation of the gadget in any way) and are launched every time you log into the platform from your device. They allow you to identify your gadget and save key parameters, such as the selected interface language or time zone.

Sessions – are launched when you perform any action on the platform: log in, navigate between pages, linger on any review, or click on a link. The files remember these actions, and our analytics use the saved data to optimize your user experience and reduce errors.

How we use these cookies

Cookies are very important for every website. They collect and store information about user behavior on various pages of the platform and help the administration to find out:

Please note that our cookies cannot track your personal information, infiltrate other files on your device, or collect information about your behavior on other sites.

What is the use of cookies for you

By accepting our cookie policy, you get:

You can agree to our policy or reject it. You should be aware that refusing to use cookies on your part will lead to some negative consequences, for example, you will need to enter data for authorization repeatedly, you will not be able to use the newsletter or receive personalized ads, access some pages of the platform, some materials will be limited you won’t be able to read it completely.

How to control or disable cookies

Cookies placed on our website are stored in the browser of your device. You can turn them off in the settings section. We do not recommend doing this if you plan to use our platform in the future.

However, if necessary, you can easily disable cookies: To do this, open your browser settings and select the “Privacy” or “Web Permissions” section. In the menu, find the link to block cookies. Click the appropriate button. All files will be deleted, and cookies will not work while you visit certain platforms.

We update and improve the work of the platform. This also affects the cookie policy. To stay up to date with changes, visit this page regularly or contact our site support team for clarifications and clarifications.